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Delivery Diesel, Gas, Furnace Oil in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Coquitlam, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and the entire Fraser Valley with quality fuels with the most competitive prices since 1955!

Commercial Fuels

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​Gasoline in all Grades ( Marked & Clear )
​Biodiesel in All Blends

Fuel Delivery, Gas, Diesel, Furnace Oil in Vancouver

Ridley Fuels Ltd. wholesale fuel delivery, delivered fuels, diesel, gas, furnace oil delivery

Wholesale fuel delivery, delivered fuels, diesel, gas, furnace oil delivery in Vancouver

4 Reasons To Choose Ridley Fuels

​Ridley Fuels Ltd. is your Wholesale Fuel Delivery, Delivered Fuels, Diesel, Gas, and Furnace oil delivery Specialist!

Heating Fuels

Furnace oil
Stove Oil

​​​​​1 Better Prices!
Ridley Fuels delivers straight to your door with no middle man in between. Fuel franchises cant offer their own pricing as they are set by the major companys head office. As an independent distributor we can buy from multiple refineries to ensure we have the most competitive prices in the market. This means lower costs to you!

2 Better Service
Ridley Fuels is a family run business and acts us such. Fuel franchises for the major companies are bound by their parent companies practices and beaurocratic red tape that won’t let them go above and beyond to provide great customer service to their customers. Our knowledgeable, experienced team does more than simply supply product, we help your business!

3 Were in it for your Big Picture
Whether your business is local or national, whether you need 50 litres or 50,000, Ridley Fuels saves time and money by bringing the fuel to you, anywhere, anytime. We manage fuel for businesses of all sizes, from leading corporations to growing enterprises. Supply is critical. Without fuel your business grinds to a halt. Not only does Ridley Fuels support you with a real person on the other end of the phone vs a touch tone operator, we deliver without fail direct to your equipment and tanks. Unlike fuel agents who must draw from one source regardless of price and even during fuel shortages (reduced daily allocation arising from supply problems), Ridley Fuels has many fuel source options, price leverage and the ability to fulfill our commitment to keep your tanks fuelled.

4 Enviomental Responsibility
Yes we are a fuel company but we still want to do our part to save ol mother earth. Ridley Fuels is proud to be 100% Claim free in the 60 plus years of any major spills or envirometal clean up of any kind. Environmental protection is among the chief priorities in Ridley Fuels operations and throughout the hiring and training of every Certified Refuelling Professional. These standards make Ridley Fuels is one of the few companies permitted to handle high-risk fuelling in such places as, national parks, around harbours and along rivers.