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Clear diesel is the standard, ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel available across Canada. It is different from dyed diesel (also called coloured, red, purple or off-road diesel). Dyed fuels are a lower-tax category of fuel used by marine vessel, agricultural equipment, construction sites and applications that don't add wear to roads and highways. Vehicles and equipment travelling on roads must use clear fuel. The composition of this fuel is also adjusted for seasonal temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in all kinds of weather conditions.
USLD is the standard type of diesel fuel available across Canada. Because of links between sulphur and greenhouse gas pollution, the content of lubricating sulphur in diesel was restricted to 15 ppm with the passage of federal environmental protection legislation in 2006. In 2010, the requirement for ULSD was extended to all dyed diesel used in off-road vehicle and equipment and be extended to all rail and marine use by June 2012. Low Sulphur Diesel contains 500 ppm of sulphur. Prior to 2007, there was no restriction in amount of sulphur used in diesel for off-road, marine and rail.
Unlike fuel agents who must draw from one source regardless of price and even during fuel shortages (reduced daily allocation arising from supply problems), Ridley Fuels has many fuel source options, price leverage and the ability to fulfill our commitment to keep your tanks fuelled. Ridley Fuels also supplies biodiesel in standard and custom blends.