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Delivered Diesel, Gas, Furnace Oil in Vancouver and the entire Fraser Valley!

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Ridley Fuels is a customer focused, leading, independent distibutor of petroleum products. Our knowledgeable, experienced team does more than simply supply product, we help your business!
Whether your business is local or national, whether you need 50 litres or 50,000, Ridley Fuels saves time and money by bringing the fuel to you, anywhere, anytime. We manage fuel for businesses of all sizes, from leading corporations to growing enterprises.
Supply is critical. Without fuel your business grinds to a halt. Not only does Ridley Fuels support you with a real person on the other end of the phone vs a touch tone operator, we deliver without fail direct to your equipment and tanks.

Environmental protection is among the chief priorities in Ridley Fuels operations and throughout the hiring and training of every Certified Refuelling Professional. These standards make Ridley Fuels is one of the few companies permitted to handle high-risk fuelling in such places as, national parks, around harbours and along rivers.
Environmentally secure storage tanks enable you to have fuel onsite for unplanned top ups of trucks and equipment. Tank rental, delivery and maintenance is easily arranged for almost any location.
Ridley Fuels is proud to offer our customers quality products, innovative solutions and deliver outstanding service. Serving Western Canada since 1955, Ridley Fuels has gained extensive experience in the industries we serve. Our ability to address and overcome the challenges of those industries has earned Ridley Fuels an excellent reputation in customer service and a broad knowledge of providing a dependable fuel supply, regardless of the remoteness of the site. 
Ridley Fuels is committed to the process of continuous improvement.
Ridley Fuels is committed to conducting business in a manner that supports the environmental and economic needs of the communities in which we operate; now and for years to come. We are serious about doing our part to prevent, reduce or minimize harmful effects on nature and natural resources impacted by the industries we serve.
Ridley Fuels is proud to support the communities in which we live, work, and play; we are proud supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society!
From single axle and tandom trucks to B train tractor-trailer units, Ridley Fuels has the right equipment and experienced drivers to make our product accessible to even the most rugged and remote locations.
Committing to waste reduction, recycling, re-use and recovery as part of a sound waste management program Ridley Fuels reduces its customers’ footprint on the environment by marketing: Bio Diesel, Ethanol blended gasoline, Biodegradable lubricants and antifreeze/coolants, Environmentally responsible fuel storage and dispensing systems